Getting away

This is the post excerpt.

Getting away for a vacation is very good! Especially if you have been working for a long time. You should go somewhere where you and your family can relax!

Personally, I like to relax at the beach because it is very sunny and nice you can relax and read a book.

I can’t wait to get away for my beach vacation!



Camping is a very fun activity to do with your family and friends. Most people do it at night time. You should go camping with your family and friends and you will be granted a good night! You will get to know your family and friends better. 

When I went camping once with my family and friends, it was very fun because we sang songs, made s’mores for each other  and we looked at the moon and watched the stars.  My favourite part of camping is sitting by the fire and making s’mores. 

You should give camping a chance! I am sure you will have a fun time!